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Day 2

Advancing Personalised Care World Congress 2023 Europe

London, UK

Friday 2nd June 2023


  • How the focus on digital patient engagement helps healthcare providers create a greatly improved personalized patient experience from start to finish.
  • Imperative for engaging end-users in each phase of digital health design
  • Techniques to facilitate better digital health design and implementation.
  • Bridging the divide between technology companies, patients, and clinicians regarding effective development and use of digital health
  • The need to develop new, scalable and expandable big data infrastructure and analytical methods
  • The nature of big data and the role of semantic web and data analysis for generating “smart data”
  • How to create a system that makes big data robust and smart for healthcare providers and patients
  • Accessing unlimited online opportunity to learn more about diseases, seek and or give assistance.
  • Importance of finding and connecting with others infected or affected by the same illness or disease.
  • Opportunity to exchange relevant data on their condition, treatment , symptoms, side effects, etc.
  • Addressing the challenge of data protection to ‘go digital’
  • The fundamental rights to privacy and to the protection of personal data have become more important for the protection of human dignity than ever before.
  • Ethical dimension of data processing.
  • The need for a new regulatory framework, guaranteeing the rights of individuals.
  • Drivers and scale-up capabilities to advance RWD life cycle
  • Adopting the best practices and overcoming the associated challenges
  • Gauging the progress brought to downstream use by better data life cycle practices.
  • Dynamic data strategy agendas that overcome fragmentation and are representative of populations.
  • Acknowledging deterioration of public trust in the use and commercialization of healthcare data through transparency and engagement
  • Right governance in place for your critical data assets
  • Addressing patients on social media
  • Looking at issues around bluetooth hacking in medical devices
  • How does data security deal with the technical framework of keeping data secure and available?
  • How can we protect ourselves?


  • How can we all work collaboratively to reexamine clinical trials and increase trust, awareness and engagement.
  • The importance of embeding “patient centricity” into all aspects of a clinical trial
  • Breaking down barriers to clinical trial recruitment and retention
  • Barriers to accessing personalised medicine
  • Strategies to ensure that patients have equitable access to medicines and health care
  • Health technology assessment securing patient access to personalised medicine
  • Innovative payer models
  • Key factors influencing cost-effectiveness of personalised medicines
  • Value-based approach to inform policy decisions about reimbursement and investment in research and development
  • Societal perspective including opportunity costs, such as out-of-pocket patient costs, other indirect medical costs, also loss of income or productivity
  • How can patient centricity play a vital role to personalised medicine?
  • Understanding the paradigm for patient partnership
  • Establishing trust at every patient touch-point to achieve sustained behavior change through informed decision-making.
  • Building a more effective patient partnership  models throughout the customer’s lifecycle
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